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Kat and Randy live in eastern Oregon and have 5 great (most of the time) kids.  Randy is a System Engineer and loves all things tech as well as the outdoors. Kat is a homemaker and when not running kids to practice or going on a field trip is behind a camera.

Kat loves taking all sorts of portrait photography.  From weddings to senior photo shoots and everything in between she loves to be a part of your special event so that she can capture those moments for you forever.

Randy loves the outdoors and beautiful scenery. Whether he is hunting, hiking, or camping, he always has a camera ready for that perfect sunset or lakeside landscape that looks good on your home or office wall.

Thank you for visiting our site.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to discuss scheduling a photograph session.


Kat not only takes beautiful images but captures the personalities of the subjects in her images. I'm beyond thrilled with the yoga portfolio shoot she did for me- excellent blend of headshots and poses in an outdoor space. She's friendly, efficient and incredibly talented. Investing in her images and photography skills will not be something you regret!

Kacie S

Absolutely love and adore the pictures Kat took of my 10 month old, Jaxten and I. they are absolutely beautiful....They brought tears to my eyes. I've never ever liked pictures of myself! and these are wonderful! So very very thankful I am SOOO happy and definitely impressed and will cherish these forever!!!

Kirsten R

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